Men in Suits


The Alpha Epsilon Scholarship Program was developed in 2015, to recognize Pi Kappa Phi students at the University of Florida for exceptional academic achievement, impactful leadership and exemplary campus involvement.  In doing so, this program also honors Alpha Epsilon alumni who brought credit to themselves.

The funding for this program comes through alumni donations that are made to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation and designated to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter Investment Fund (AECIF) as well as the AE Gator Club.  This endowment-type account has been established to advance the educational and leadership development initiatives of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at the Alpha Epsilon Chapter.

Recipients of each award will be selected by the Alpha Epsilon Scholarship Committee and approved by the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation’s Distribution & Stewardship Committee.

While many generations separate the Brothers of Alpha Epsilon who have memorial scholarships named in their honor, there is a common characteristic which closely connects each of these individuals.  That distinguishing trait was the desire and dedication to make Pi Kappa Phi the eminent fraternal organization at the University of Florida.  




UF 1930-1933

AE # 117

The Griffin Memorial Scholarship is the largest award given through the Alpha Epsilon Scholarship Committee and is named for Brother Ben Hill Griffin, Jr., a Pi Kappa Phi National Hall of Fame inductee and noted businessman, citrus grower, philanthropist and politician who served in the Florida Senate as well as the House of Representatives. He was also a longtime Advisor to Alpha Epsilon as well as a significant contributor to Pi Kappa Phi and the University of Florida.  Initiated in 1930, Brother Griffin’s involvement with his fraternity spanned decades until his passing to the Chapter Eternal in 1990. The Griffin
Memorial Scholarship will be presented to the student, who in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee,  demonstrates the innate ability to balance academic success at the University of Florida while at the same time illuminating for his fellow chapter brothers those special, innate qualities of a leader like Brother Griffin.  Such attributes include dedication, demonstrated leadership and measurable contribution to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter.


UF 1947-1952

AE # 379

The Overton Memorial Scholarship is the second largest award presented by the Alpha Epsilon Scholarship Committee.  Brother Overton became a double Gator, earning both his Bachelor’s Degree (’51) and Law Degree (’52) from the University of Florida. He went on to become the City Attorney for St. Petersburg in ‘54 and then a Circuit Court Judge in ‘64. He was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court in 1974 by Governor Ruben Askew. From the time of his appointment, until his retirement on Jan. 4, 1999, he authored more than 1400 decisions and was a central figure in a vast series of reforms that made his court one of the most respected and accessible in the nation. He served as Chief Justice from 1976-78.  Following his retirement from the bench, Ben Overton was an active adjunct Professor at the UF College of Law. Brother Overton passed on to Chapter Eternal in 2012.  The Overton Memorial Scholarship will be presented to the individual, who in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, demonstrates a high degree of academic achievement, devout dedication to Alpha Epsilon, as well as excellence in his day to day life.



UF Law School 1938 - 1942

AE #285

Named in memory of this Alpha Epsilon alumnus, who was initiated as a first year law student in 1938, Brother Maloney went on to become a distinguished faculty member of UF’s College of Law for 34 years, as well as it’s Dean from 1958-70. He was known as an imaginative and dedicated scholar, great teacher, generous humanitarian and an outstanding administrator who led the campaign to replace Bryan Hall, built in 1914, with the current Holland Law Center.  Both a beloved teacher and a recognized expert on water law, he was famous for taking groups of students on tubing trips down the Ichetucknee River. Dean Maloney stepped down from the deanship in ’70 to return to his first love, that of a fulltime teacher.  He was actively involved as the Chapter’s Faculty Advisor for ten years and was a significant supporter of Alpha Epsilon throughout all of his many years at the University of Florida.  Brother Maloney passed on to the Chapter Eternal in 1980.  The Maloney Memorial Scholarship will be presented to that student who, in the opinion of the committee, best embodies the ideals of Brother Frank Maloney.


UF 1947 – 1952

AE #370

Named in memory of this Alpha Epsilon alumnus, who was initiated in 1947, Brother Cummings, known to all as “Mo”,  worked tirelessly on behalf of our fraternity from the date of his initiation right on through to the day he passed on to the Chapter Eternal in 1986.  Brother Cummings worked closely with Frank Maloney and together they spearheaded the Building Campaign which eventually led to the move from our former location on University Avenue, to our current location at 11 Fraternity Row.  He was also a team leader and played a significant role in the Capital Campaign which led to the Ben Hill Griffin Jr. addition which was completed in 1986. Mo was an active member of the Board of Trustees as well as a major benefactor to our fraternity.  Known throughout AE as a forward thinking visionary with exceptional leadership skills, Mo Cummings was the personification of dedication.  Named as the first “Mr. Alpha Epsilon” in 1981, the statement was made by one of his contemporaries that “it was fitting that he was among the first to be so honored as it typifies Mo Cummings in a sense, that the tradition was created for the man”. The Cummings Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to the student, who in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, best embodies the ideals of Brother Mo Cummings.



UF 1995-1997
AE # 1942

James Suh was the U.S. born son of Korean immigrants who was known for being a devoted student who excelled in mathematics and possessed a dedicated passion for his country.  Brother Suh served in the US Military as a Navy SEAL and sacrificed his life for his country in a US Special Operations mission in Northern Afghanistan.  James Suh passed on to the Chapter Eternal on June 28, 2005. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat “V” for Valor as well as The Purple Heart.  Known by his teammates for being “perpetually inquisitive” and “someone who always had a question to ask”.  The Suh Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to the student, who in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, best embodies the ideals of Brother James Suh.




Perfect Execution

This scholarship will be awarded to the freshman brother with the highest GPA upon completion of his freshman academic year.  Since this award is normally presented in February, the GPA is based on a cumulative grade point average from courses taken exclusively at the University of Florida.  The Brother applicant may be currently classified a sophomore because of the timing of the presentation, but only grades earned during the freshman year are eligible for the scholarship.  Because our extended family includes four fraternity brothers, four little sisters, two Rose Queens and two past Archons, we appreciate the rigors of academic challenges while being a member of a social fraternity.  We feel this scholarship is a way to give back to AE of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity for the fifty years of friendship and fellowship we have experienced.


A Real Success

The Scholarship Committee will also look to award one Alpha Epsilon Scholar Award.  The committee’s goal will be to present this award to the top academic student in the chapter as evidenced by the grade report made available by the university.